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Ua cloud of black curls, and a white flower in her hair. The gentle revolution of Masih Alinejad, 45, Iranian by Ghomi Kolaformer parliamentary journalist in Tehrantoday political activist in exile in the United States with over six million followers on Instagram, started by taking off the hijabwaving a white scarf and inviting Middle Eastern women to imitate her: Anyone who sends me a video risks ten years of imprisonment. They began to take up the back of the neck, then the face; I quickly became their voice. An honor and a responsibility. AND Be My Voicedirector Nahid Persson, the film powerful and heartbreaking that Tucker Film sends to cinemas on March 7, the eve of Women’s Day.

On zoom, preceded by the greeting of her husband Kambiz Foroohar, here are the curls, the flower, the smile. Here is Masih. His indomitable energy is a risk for the Islamic Republic, which threatens it with death every day. Tell the Courier service: They put a bounty on my head, they invented the picture of my hanging to show on TV, they say they will throw acid in my face; last July the FBI unmasked a five-person commando who came to the US to kidnap me. I am under protection: in twelve years I had to change six houses, in the garden of the last one I left the tree planted for my brother Ali, who was arrested for communicating with me. Active solidarity with women in Iran and Afghanistan who are whipped if they refuse to cover their heads has earned them a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize: Each of us a little one Rosa Parks fighting againstapartheid gender. Freedom is not free, it has a price that I am happy to pay. Only if the Iranian women asked me to stop would I stop being a megaphone to their protests. Why the flower, Masih? I’ll tell you a story. My husband had lost his engagement ring, he gave me a flower to make up for it. For me the symbol of love and my peaceful revolution. The regime has the weapons, the executions, the prison. We women have ourselves and the cell phone with which to shoot bareheaded.

The film follows Alinejad’s days in New Yorkhis appearances in TabletFarsi program of Voice of America, the direct line, 24 hours a day, with Iran, with the mothers and daughters who constantly call her. Masih does not deny herself to anyone: she encourages, supports, comforts. Then he collapses lifeless and in tears on the living room floor. Kambiz comforts her, Nahid embraces her. Unthinkable to let go: she is the critical conscience of the unmoderated Middle East. Women who tell me their pain motivate me: the Iranian women prisoners of the regime, the Afghan women under the Taliban. I can sing, dance, go to the stadium, ride a bicycle. They don’t. Just the thought kills me. I have two options: to feel miserable and to get depressed or to react. And then I let the jailers who can’t get me get depressed. They accused her of fueling Islamophobia (Let’s not joke: I lived under sharia law, radical Islamism more dangerous than the pandemic and it travels at the same speed), he has words of fire for governments that are striving to normalize Iran (Even Italian politicians, even your Mogherini , who in Tehran obeyed the order to wear the hijab … So the regime is endorsed, so nothing will ever change), looks further: I hope that Be My Voice make you think. Not only Iran, the point is to save the world from extremism. Radical Islam is a threat to everyone, even for you who live in Italy. Do you believe in fate, Masih? Oh yes, but I also believe in sisterhood, the power of the word and example. As long as Western governments recognize, talk and do business with the Islamic Republic, as long as public opinion accepts this complicity, we will not get out of it. If she returned to Tehran, they would behead her. I haven’t been there since 2009, what a terrible nostalgia … I live looking over my shoulder and sleep hoping to wake up in my house, together with my family. Without regime, with curls in the wind and a white flower in her hair.

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