Activate email auto-forwarding feature on Telstra Webmail

Telstra is one of the leading telecommunication and technology companies in the world. The company is competing with all big names in the telecommunication market ass it offers a wide range of communication services such as Telstra Smart Home, Telstra webmail and more. It believes in connecting more and more people across the globe with its telecommunication and email services.

It has been serving people from a long time by connecting them everywhere in every possible corner of the world. In addition to this, the company provides 3.7 fixed bundles, 18 million retail mobile services, and 1.7 million retail fixed standalone voice services. Telstra is on the track of improvement to build technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use. It has always taken proud in helping its customers better than any other company.

Manage and Auto-forward your emails via

In order to forward an email automatically, you need login to Telstra webmail. Ensure that you have Telstra email ID and password within reach. Also, note that Telstra webmail works only on the latest and secure web browsers.

  1. Click on the “Settings” option.
  2. Select the “Mail” menu that appears on the upper-left corner of the Telstra webmail.
  3. Tap on the “Auto-forward” option.
  4. Tick the checkbox in order to enable auto-forward.
  5. Type your full email address in the destination field.
  6. “Keep a copy in your inbox” will be ticked automatically. You can uncheck this if you do not want your copies to be kept)
  7. Select “Save” and you are done.

Add a rule to manage your Telstra emails

  1. Tap “Settings”.
  2. Select the “Mail” menu and tap on the “Organize Inbox” option.
  3. Tap on the “Add” option and enter a “Rule Name”.
  4. By default, active option will be ticked.
  5. Select the action you would like to take from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select “Save”, and the process ends here.

To conclude-

You can seek assistance from Telstra Support if you have any query or you want any information related to account and billing, internet, movies and devices, and emails. You can also download the Telstra app in order to manage your services and take advantage of exclusive offers.

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