Covid, Queen Elizabeth still has “mild symptoms” and cancels a virtual meeting (but carries out light commitments)

After the announcement of the queen’s positivity on Sunday, the first update on the health of the sovereign, vaccinated with three doses and who is continuing with light duties

No commitment in virtual connection – via a computer screen – today for the Queen Elizabeth who is still suffering mild cooling-like symptoms for Covid.

the first official update from the building, following Sunday’s announcement that the British sovereign – 96 years old on 21 April – tested positive.

Her Majesty is experiencing symptoms similar to a very mild coldsaid the communiqué from the royal palace at Windsor, breaking the apparent new normal of the Windsors later Prince Charles was released from quarantine on 10 February (infected by the virus for the second time).

The Royal Household simultaneously confirmed that the queen planned to continue with her own light duties on the agenda in the coming days. So business as usual even if inside and outside the palace walls there is growing apprehension about the health of the almost 96-year-old sovereign who will therefore continue to carry out her routine Royal engagements during the week, while leaving out the more burdensome ones. And above all she will continue to be followed by doctors and she prepares to follow all the usual treatments (in case of need).

And in fact, even today the Royal Household announces that for the flu-like symptoms the queen will not keep the connection commitment scheduled for today but will continue today with light work commitments.

After the infection of Carlo a few days ago, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla had already tested positive in recent days.

The sovereign had had contact with the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, in the days immediately preceding her positivity, but it is also true that Elizabeth continued to meet people for her official commitments, and pandemic outbreaks were not lacking even at the Court .

Elisabetta and Filippo (who later passed away in April 2021 due to advanced age) were among the first to get vaccinated, setting an example in the massive campaign to combat the pandemic.

Prince Charles positive for the second time, had immediately canceled his Royal engagement outside London in Winchester in recent weeks. The prince (73 years old), in solitary confinement, but said he was very sorry to have to give up travel, according to what was communicated by Clarence House, headquarters of the heir to the throne. He was back in full business this week, accompanied by his sister Anna to a reception at St James’s Palace for the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes for higher and further education.

At the beginning of February – in the midst of the fourth wave of Covid – Queen Margrethe of Denmark had also tested positive for Covid and had canceled the traditional start-of-year holiday in Norway. The news had generated apprehension at court, given the age of the queen (81 years: in January she crossed the mark of 50 years of reign, a milestone that makes her together with Queen Elizabeth who reached her 70 years on the throne, two marathon runners of the crown). The sovereign on the Danish throne was therefore forced by the pandemic to remain armored in the palace of Amalienborg, in Copenhagen. With the solemn celebrations for her Golden Jubilee postponed to the summer. In Denmark on Christmas Eve the future queen consort, Princess Mary (the Australian commoner wife of Crown Prince Frederick) had already been infected by Covid. Result: holidays in solitary confinement for the princess who celebrated her 50th birthday on February 5th. The news relating to Carlo and Margrethe had arrived just as Europe, including the United Kingdom and Denmark, was working to loosen restrictions and gradually return to normalcy. In the meantime, in Spain at the beginning of 2022, King Felipe VI, the 54-year-old son of Juan Carlos, was also positive.

Both Felipe and Margrethe were vaccinated, and both symptoms were mild. In the first pandemic wave of 2020, the infections in the Court had immediately sparked concern. With King Harald of Norway (85 years old just turned) who had immediately suspended all public commitments in spring 2020 for precautionary reasons, while also in Stockholm it was feared for Princess Estelle heir after Victoria to the throne of Sweden, for infections in her school . And while the Savoy family had postponed the debut of the heir Vittoria di Savoia scheduled for Saturday 14 March 2020 in Altacomba. Now, the new and hopefully last wave of the pandemic is sowing apprehension again. Especially for Elizabeth, the record-breaking sovereign who has already beaten Queen Victoria, reaching her 70th anniversary on February 6. But that she has a busy schedule ahead of 2022 for her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The first Royal to test positive for Covid 19 infection had been – at the beginning of the worst pandemic ever – Prince Charles in London in March 2020. And a few weeks later Albert II, ruler of the Principality squeezed between France and Italy, tested positive in Monaco. And in spring 2021 he had tested positive, but also Prince William and many other exponents of the European Gotha.

In Norway, a year ago also Ingrid Alexandra (daughter of Prince Haakon and Mette Marit) , and also the fifteen-year-old son of the heir of Denmark, Prince Christian. And again, the tenth in line of succession to the throne of Belgium is Prince Joachim. Then it was the turn of Victoria’s brother of Sweden, Prince Carl Philip with his wife Sofia, Duke and Duchess of Varmland, to announce the positivity to the virus.

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