Daryna, 11 years old: “I’m angry with Putin, help us”

A letter from a Ukrainian girl. Until two days ago, her days were marked by school and sporting commitments, today by the sound of bombs

Daryna is 11 years old and a girl from Kiev. In recent days we talked with her parents about what is happening in Ukraine. The father is a diplomat, the mother a lawyer who founded the Ukranian’s Women Guard. Yesterday, after the first Russian bombs, they sent us a message: “Our youngest daughter wrote a letter, she is very angry.” Daryna tells about her day under the bombs and appeals to the world. The big guys talk about banks, sanctions, Swift, all right. But then, the war is above all a siren that suddenly enters your room and tells you that from that moment on your everyday life will be trampled on. Below, her words.

my name is Daryna Biletska, I am 11 years old and I am a child from Kiev
. Yesterday, February 24, 2022, my mom woke me up at 05:55 in the morning and she said to me: “They started bombing”. I heard the sirens. I did everything they taught me at school and at home. I went to get my life-saving backpack – that’s what my dad calls it – from the closet and put it near the door. I made it a few weeks ago, but I didn’t think I was really using it. Inside are bandages, disinfectants, plasters and things to eat. There is also water.
My best friend wrote to me, she is afraid of bombs, I am not so much, for now I have managed to stay calm. From our house also last night we heard some very strong explosions, now I haven’t heard anything for a while. I’ve never heard them before. We went to an underground shelter, it was full of people, but then we went back to our apartment.
My friend and I always hear each other on Whatsapp, sometimes the connection is not good. I try to reassure her, I tell her that we will win. I asked my mum if there is a shotgun or a pistol I can use in case it is necessary, but she says they are not things for children. I don’t feel small.

Until two days ago I was going to school, I knew that Putin wanted to invade us but it seemed something not true. I have continued to do normal things but now I am a little afraid that everything will change. When will the schools reopen? When will I see my friends? When will I go back to training? I do a lot of sports: athletics, football and parkour. I have a passion for sports and the idea of ​​not going to training makes me angry.
But most of all I am angry with Putin because this is our home and he has no right to take it away from us.

After two years of lockdown we now have war too. We children want to go out and play. We keep company on whatsapp but it is not the same thing.
My mom and dad are at home with me and my sister who is 16. Yesterday, after the first bombings, Dad went to work, he’s a diplomat, I was afraid he wouldn’t go home, but then he came back and I calmed down.
I wonder if we really have to get out of Kiev. Now the Russians are in town and we don’t leave the house. My parents want to stay here, too.
I don’t know if this is the right place to ask Europe and America to really help us, with weapons I mean. But if you can, come here.

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