Di Maio in the Senate, the report on Ukraine: “The margin to avoid war is reduced day by day”

Of Marco Galluzzo

Foreign Minister: possible “a large-scale operation by Russia” against Kiev. No more bilateral meetings between Italy and Russia if “relaxing steps” are not taken. Putin’s moves jeopardize “the stability and prosperity of the world”

“Despite the gravity of the moment and the latest developments we are witnessing in these hours, we want to continue to focus on each diplomatic initiative that can avert a war, we must avoid a war in the heart of Europe. A solution that we still believe possible, even if with margins that are shrinking day by day ».

Luigi Di Maio he says it clearlythe diplomatic option it always remains on top of the hopes of Italy and of the international community, but it is getting thinner hour after hour. There is now a risk of a “full-scale operation” by Putin against Kiev.

The disclosure in the Senate

The Foreign Minister intervenes in the Senate with a report: “At the press conference, Putin said he recognized the claims of Donetsk and Lugansk on the territory of the whole Donbass, well beyond the Russian-speaking component present in the region and therefore including areas currently under control of the Ukrainian armed forces, asking for the recognition of the illegal annexation of Crimea. This double development risks paving the way for a large-scale military operation by Russia in Ukraine ”.

“Excluding bilateral contacts or meetings”

For the future, adds Di Maio, after a telephone coordination with Draghi, they will come bilateral contacts or meetings excluded until Moscow takes a relaxing step. No more mission from the head of government to Moscow, therefore: «We are fully committed to the multilateral channels of dialogue. However, we believe that there can be no new bilateral meetings with the Russian leaders until there are signs of the tension easing, a line also adopted in the last few hours by our European allies and partners ». “A strange idea of ​​diplomacy” was the reaction of the Russian Foreign Ministry, according to reports from Tass and Interfax. “Western partners must learn to use diplomacy in a professional way,” explains Mosca.

Formal conviction

So the formal condemnation of the steps of the Kremlinalready made by Mario Draghi: «We condemn Moscow’s decision to send in the territories of the two separatist republics a contingent of troops with self-styled peacekeeping functions. It is a gesture that risks exacerbating an already very tense situation. I remember that a Russian presence is estimated along the borders with Ukraine between 170 and 190 thousand units. At stake is not only the pur that is important European security framework. At issue are our own core values. Showing ourselves compliant today would mean pay a very high price tomorrowthe stability and prosperity of the world is at risk and above all it threatens the international order and freedom ».

The sanctions

On sanctions: «To be effective they must act as a deterrent against further military actions and therefore be sustainable, proportionate and gradual, and directly linked to concrete and objective developments on the ground. As a concrete follow-up to my visit to Kiev, we are evaluating the possible allocation of a financial contribution worth approximately 110 million euros aimed at supporting the Ukrainian population and economy in areas to be agreed with the Kiev authorities. We also intend to allocate a contribution for the Committee of the International Red Cross for interventions in the humanitarian sector »concludes Di Maio.

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