Ethiopia inaugurates the maxi dam on the Nile which damages Sudan and Egypt

Premier Ahymed has started the production of electricity but the work will reduce the flow of water available to Cairo and Khartoum

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has officially started the production of electricity from Gerd, the controversial maxi-dam on the Nile that will reduce the vital flow of water available to Sudan and Egypt. The premier, accompanied by senior officials, visited the plant and pressed a series of buttons on an electronic screen, a move that officials say has initiated electricity generation. This large dam was built by the Ethiopians not only for them but for all of our African brothers and sisters they will benefit from, said an official presiding over the inauguration ceremony. Egypt and Sudan see the dam as a threat due to their dependence on the waters of the Nile, while Addis Ababa considers it essential for its electrification and development. It is expected that the 3.7 billion euro project it will produce more than 5,000 megawatts of electricity, doubling Ethiopia’s electricity production.

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