How to help Ukraine, NGOs and emergency associations

Of Marta Serafini

On the ground but also on the borders of neighboring countries, all the NGOs and associations that are involved in supporting civilians during the emergency

After weeks of mounting tensions, embassy evacuations and diplomatic sanctions, Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have begun.

On Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the start of a Russian invasion in the neighboring country, authorizing military action and officially declaring war. Hours before the start, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky delivered an emotional speech to the Ukrainian people, preparing them for the impending disaster. Our main goal is peace in Ukraine and the security of our people, the Ukrainians, Zelensky said, adding that no one will have any more guarantees of security. That disaster is already underway.

Minutes after Putin authorized military action, explosions began across Ukraine, which declared a state of emergency. On Thursday, air raid sirens sounded in Kiev and residents rushed to evacuate at the Polish border.

Lines have formed outside ATMs, pharmacies, supermarkets and petrol stations trying to stock up on supplies, and many Ukrainians use the metro stations as air raid shelters. Experts speculate that Putin’s aggression will not stop until he has installed a new leader in Ukraine, one who submits to Russia. Ukrainian soldiers and civilians have already been killed in a bombing raid.

Even before the war, Ukrainian parents started sending their children to school wearing stickers showing their blood types.

Here are some ways to help Ukrainian citizens.

– If you want to donate medical supplies Razom for Ukraine : Razom, which means “together” in Ukrainian, a charity of volunteers originally founded in 2014 to support Ukrainians after Russia annexed Crimea.

United Help Ukraine : a non-profit voluntary organization that receives and distributes donations, medical supplies and food to Ukrainian refugees, people on the ground in Ukraine, and supports Ukrainian families who have lost soldiers to war. You can access their fundraiser here and your donations will go to providing emergency medical care and humanitarian aid to those on the front lines.

Fundraising for Sunflower of Peace : The Sunflower of Peace fundraiser also aims to provide first aid kits to paramedics and frontline doctors. Each backpack contains enough tactical first aid material for five to ten people.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine : this non-profit organization provides medical assistance to Ukrainian soldiers and provides support to their families. To help children affected by war

Voices of Children : this organization helps to provide psychological and psychosocial support to Ukrainian children affected by armed conflict.

-To support journalists in Ukraine The Kyiv Independent : You can support Ukrainian media in English through GoFundMe or through Patreon .

– Donate to the Heart2Heart initiative of Nova Ukraine which raises aid funds for people in need in Ukraine.

– Donate to International Committee of the Red Cross which will provide humanitarian aid to conflict-affected Ukrainians.

– Donate allarmy SOS which provides food and other support directly to Ukrainian troops.

At the Italian level, the NGOs and associations that already operate in the field in Ukraine can be supported. Between these Doctors Without Borders, present in Donetsk and in the Lugansk region where it supports the most vulnerable and HIV patients. Also among the Italians Soleterre,
which assists Ukrainian children with cancer

There Caritas Ambrosiana launched a fundraiser to help the Ukrainian population. The collection will serve to provide basic necessities to Ukrainian churches and also to support charitable organizations in neighboring countries: presumably the war will lead to numerous refugees.

In the next few hours, as we have told here, the flow of people exiting Ukraine to the West will increase. At the borders of Europe, where one million people are expected, the humanitarian crisis will require a further welcoming effort. All the organizations working to assist refugees are already mobilizing on this front. Among the first associations to mobilize, in truth already in recent days, was the Community of Sant’Egidio. Also there Italian Red Cross has launched an urgent fundraiser aimed at supporting the enormous needs, to which the volunteers of the Ukrainian Red Cross are responding relentlessly. A health and social emergency due to the lack of water, food, electricity and assistance of which hundreds of thousands of people are victims. All this, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic still in progress.

The other Italian associations are:

-Avsi which, thanks to the collaboration with the local partner Emmaus, has maintained a close relationship with Ukraine over the years: in 2016, with the Tende Campaign, it had moved to support families displaced by the conflict that began in 2014, transferred in Kiev and Charkov. It is now taking action to provide immediate help to Ukrainians who are currently fleeing to Poland and Romania, with the support of local partners AVSI Polska and Asociația FDP-Protagonisti in educatie. Here forgive.

-Save the children has been operating in Ukraine since 2014, providing essential humanitarian aid to children and their families. This includes supporting their access to education, providing psychosocial support, distributing winter kits and hygiene kits, and providing cash grants to families so that they can meet basic needs such as food, rent and medicine, or so that they can invest in start up of new activities. Here forgive.

-We world, an organization that has been defending the rights of women and children in Italy and around the world for 50 years, immediately activated – thanks to the alliance with its partner ChildFund Germany who has been working in Ukraine for many years – to provide emergency aid to children and their families during the current crisis. Here forgive

– Ai.Bi. has been operating since 1999 through the Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Drusie Ditiei Ukraina (Friends of Children Ukraine), whose headquarters are in Kiev. Following the news of the entry of Russian troops into Ukrainian territory and of the bombings, Ai.Bi. took action to bring its support to the children of the Volodarka orphanage and to all children in need. Here forgive.

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