Invasion of Ukraine, the map of the attack: so the Russian troops invaded by land, sea and sky

Of Andrea Marinelli

Russian soldiers crossed borders in the areas of Chernihiv in the north near the border with Belarus, Kharkiv in the east and Lugansk in Donbass. Moscow troops also landed from the south by sea to Odessa and Mariupol. Explosions in the cities

In the darkest hours of Europe since the Second World War, as the head of European diplomacy Josep Borrell called them, Russian troops attacked Ukraine, by land, sea and air. Starting at 4 am in the Italian morning, the soldiers sent by the Kremlin crossed the borders in the areas of Chernihiv, to the north, near the border with Belarus, of Kharkiv, to the east, and of Lugansk, in the Donbass, of which Vladimir Putin has just recognized independence. Moscow troops also landed from the south by sea to Odessa and Mariupol
the two main port cities of Ukraine facing the Black and Azov seas respectively. Explosions have also been recorded in the capital Kiev since dawnwhere they have the anti-aircraft sirens sounded and around mid-morning columns of black smoke rose over the Ukrainian military intelligence headquarters, and in numerous other cities, from Kharkiv to Mariupol. Russia treacherously attacked our state this morning, as Nazi Germany did in World War II, the Ukrainian president tweeted. Volodymyr Zelensky, which declared martial law and offered a weapon to every citizen who requests it. From today our countries are on two different sides of world history.

The government of Kiev speaks of a large-scale invasion, an attack with about 200,000 men on several fronts: from the north through the Senkivka outpost on the border with Belarus, from the south by sea, from the east on the contact line, but also cybernetic, with the sites of the Ministry of the Interior, Defense and Foreign Affairs have long been unreachable . The offensive ordered by Putin – to demilitarize and not occupy Ukraine, a country that wants to de-Nazify, he said, suggesting that it is in the hands of the far right – holds together all the scenarios initially outlined by American intelligence: the invasion of the Donbasswhich was believed to be the most probable; the hybrid offensive which involved an encroachment from Belarus and a cyber attack on Kiev, and which was considered the most formidable; the conquest of the port city of Mariupola more aggressive variant of the attack in the Donbass; the conquest of the port of Odessa with the consequent blockade of the Black Sea, to affect the trade routes and the Ukrainian economy.

Three hours after the invasion began, Russia has announced that it has blocked all sea shipments on the Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAzovwhere according to the Russian agency Novosti two merchant ships would have been hit by missiles, while Ukraine appealed to Turkey asking to prevent Russian ships from crossing the Bosphorus Strait that connects the Black Sea to the Mediterranean: Ankara has applied the Montreaux Convention of 1936, which allows it to close the passage to the ships of countries at war. According to some sources, a Russian missile also hit a Turkish ship off the coast of Odessa. The Russian Defense Ministry also announced that it has hit military infrastructure in Ukrainian bases, neutralizing the air defense capability.

Yup he also fights in Chernobyl, President Zelensky reported, near the nuclear waste deposit: if the sarcophagus, the steel and concrete structure that covers nuclear reactor number 4 were damaged, the radioactive waste carried by the wind would be extremely dangerous for the whole European continent . In the evening, the power plant passed into the hands of the Russians, but there is no information on the conditions of the site. According to Ukrainian media reports, i Moscow missiles they hit military command centers in Kiev and Kharkiv. The satellite images released by Maxar Technologies, meanwhile, show that Russia is continuing to send men and vehicles to the border: new settlements would have sprung up 15 kilometers from the border and 80 from Kharkiv, the second largest city in the country, but also in Belarus, 35 kilometers from Ukraine.

Most of the bombings – more than 100 missiles according to Pentagon estimates: mostly short-range ballistic, but also medium-range, cruise, land-to-air and sea-launched missiles – are concentrated in the east, where the areas are located. controlled by separatists, but Air strikes were also reported in the west, on Lutsk, Cherson and Ivano-Frankivsk, close to the Polish border. All civil air traffic within the country has been suspended. Moscow helicopters attacked Hostomel airport, the second airport of the capital Kiev which is now under Russian control, while many missiles hit the port of Odessa, where 18 deaths are counted.

The death toll is still uncertain, although Ukraine claimed that eight people had been killed by Russian bombs and three border police officers had died in the southern region of Kherson on the Black Sea overnight: in the early afternoon, the budget provided by the Kiev government already spoke of 40 dead. The Ukrainian army claims that it destroyed four Russian tanks on the Kharkiv road, killed 50 soldiers in the Lugansk region and shot down six warplanes on the eastern front: Moscow denies, says Ukrainian troops deployed at the border they did not resist, while pro-Russian separatists claim to have shot down two Ukrainian planes themselves.

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