Kate and Mary of Denmark, the meeting of the “twin” princesses

Of Enrica Roddolo

Kate flew to Copenhagen for one of her rare royal representation engagements without William. A chance to see Mary, wife of Prince Frederick, heir to the throne of Denmark

Kate and Mary, two commoner, two young princesses today met in Copenhagen. Moreover, two twin princesses, by popularity, aroused transversal affection in the public and spontaneous sympathy. And even for a certain similarity.

Twins also for the double age goal that both in this early 2022 they cut: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, heir after his father Charles to the Windsor throne, blew out 40 candles on 9 January; Mary, wife of Prince Frederick, heir to the throne of Denmark, turned 50 on 5 February.

As if that weren’t enough, the sovereigns to which the two young Royals refer, both cut a historic milestone in 2022: Margrethe of Denmark, 50 years of reign; Elizabeth II, 70 years on the throne. And now the twin princesses have found themselves confronted.

Kate flew to Copenhagen for one of her rare only engagements, in short, royal representation commitments without William. A setting in which we will see it more and more often also in the future. The front-line royals in London have been thinned by the spontaneous defection of Harry and Meghan and by the forced defection of Prince Andrew, so it is sometimes necessary to spend more time on several fronts for the couple of the Dukes of Cambridge. But it would not be enough, if Kate had not by now achieved full, total trust on the part of the Royal Household.

Kate celebrated her first 40 years without ever taking a misstep, sure, determined. Sweet and docile, but only in appearance. Like the Queen Mum, like Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon wife of George VI, the stammering king who thanks to the queen mother gained security, even charisma. She is now increasingly active in London where she has inherited several charities that the Queen is redistributing after Harry and Andrew leave. The latest example? She has become the new president of the England Rugby team and also of the Rugby Football League once entrusted to Harry. Tribute to Kate’s sporting passion. But above all to the fact that William’s former university friend is working with the Royal Foundation on the great project that, as she said, will help build a better society of the future, starting from a better understanding of the needs of today’s children. So in 2021, Kate’s foundation organized the big UK Early Childhood Survey.

In Denmark, the Duchess of Cambridge presents her project dedicated to childhood, which is why she landed yesterday in Copenhagen where she was welcomed today at the Amalienborg palace by Mary and Queen Margrethe (just out of isolation after contracting Covid).

Mary the green princess, who has always been the godmother of the Copenhagen fashion summit dedicated to tomorrow’s sustainable fashion, and celebrated her first 50 years, after contracting Covid at Christmas, forcing the Royal family to an unusual holiday period in solitary confinement? Instead, he will show Kate the great project of the Mary Foundation: a great initiative of assistance for about 2000 children a year and their mothers in search of a refuge from poverty and persecution. The Australian princess had entered the court after meeting her prince in a pub of hers during the Olympic Games in Sydney. And her love led her to cross an ocean not only geographic but cultural. And her new homeland celebrated her with initiatives and projects that celebrate nature, diversity and history.

More than the weight of the responsibility of being a princess, I feel I have a
arrangement like Royal a very strong platform from which to make my voice heard, to pass the message on. So replied Princess Mary to the Courier service months ago on a visit to Milan. Being a princess helps me to support the work that is being done on a global scale to combat the climate emergency, and to be close to companies that are doing a great job developing new products and solutions for this ever so necessary green transformation. Four children – Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and the twins Vincent and Josephine with whom she inaugurated the Australian garden that the Copenhagen Zoo dedicated to her for half a century – a modern princess mother. Another element of conjunction with Kate, mother of the heir George but also of Charlotte and Luis.

For both, the challenge of the crown therefore brings to court a new balance between everyday life (strengthened by the life lesson of their common childhood, commoner), and Protocol. With a specific goal in common: to make the most of the soft power that, as young Royals, they know they can exercise.

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