Kharkiv resists and displaces the Russians. 14 children are among the victims

Of Francesco Battistini

Ukrainian resistance: shooting under the house, Kalashnikov, pride. The new moves of the invaders, which admit the first fallen (and have not dropped the ace of aviation).



– Eat the eatable. Cooking the impossible. At the time of the steaming cauldron, the little food that still remains in the fridge, the soup with bread that can only be made by someone who has never lit a stove, Professor Konstantyn Maxim has no more words: the fridge is broken and many things bought in recent days will go bad…. The prof has only been living for a month in a small apartment behind Maidan. The wife with the children went to Poland. He is 38 years old and a reservist, not yet recalled, teaches literature at the university, passes this war lockdown trying not to get too intoxicated with disasters via
, reading good books and eating bad food: The pessimists are right, but I prefer to reason with who is wrong…. The total curfew of 40 hours, which three million Kyivians have endured up to this Monday morning, nothing. And from the news you can’t escape, they slip into your house like a Russian Grad: evening and the explosions begin, when the mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, the number one optimist of Kiev, goes on TV and says the city now surrounded and impossible to evacuate civilians.

The slingshots of Kiev

We can no longer go out. N from houses, n from cities. They still can’t get in. Neither in the streets nor in the fate of Ukraine. Fifth day since the twenty-fourth of February that has overwhelmed us like an eleven September: the invincible and supersonic army of the Tsar the Persian army at Thermopylae, slingshot by the willing Spartans of Kiev, three hundred or so. Almost Afghan quagmire. There are no Russians in the city, say the governor-mayors of Kiev, Mariupol, Odessa, Kharkiv, and for Ukraine the most unexpected of surprises. Yes, we have dead and wounded, admits the Russian general staff, and for the Kremlin the worst possible bulletin. Putin publicly praises the heroes of the offensive, but they say he is furious: yesterday at dawn his tanks had finally entered Kharkiv – the first city that the Russians will conquer, Zelensky had raised the alarm a month ago – and instead the Russians who will be waiting for us with flowers (as a Moscow general said at the beginning of the war in Donbass) have prepared the funeral. Popular resistance, Kalashnikov as partisans, shooting under the house. The control of our Kharkiv! Proclaimed in a few hours Oleg Sinegubov, the governor: The Russian enemy is demoralized, their soldiers are disconnected from the central commands, they no longer have food, water, or fuel !. It will not be all this disaster, but Moscow’s silence disturbs us: we have losses, General Igor Konashenkov acknowledges, even if less than theirs. And among the 352 civilian victims since the beginning of the invasion there are also 14 children.

The bags with the victims

The battle for Kharkiv, a failed conquest, has a heavy psychological impact: all the information from the Putinian services gave it poorly defended, not at all ready, with a line of twentieth-century war trenches that could be easily climbed over. What’s going on? European military sources warned that the troops massed on the border by Putin, behind the large numbers, did not have the means of communication, health, provisioning sufficient to withstand such an offensive, and for so long. Those doubts arise again. And even if Putin has not yet played the ace – aviation – the campaign by land it’s filling up too many body-bag. Ukrainians are not Afghans or Arabs, it is not easy to kill Russian speakers like you, often your distant relatives, and on this point Kiev: Think about why you are here – shoot a video of a Ukrainian general, Yevhen, on the mobile phones of the soldiers of Moscow Moisiuk -, nobody here wants you: you are just an instrument in the hands of your government. Lay down your weapons and raise your hands. This will be your return ticket…. Yesterday morning the bells rang, in Kiev and Lviv and in the besieged fortresses. They could hear from the window of our war lockdown. But they didn’t call to Sunday mass: they gave a hand to the sirens, the missile alarm. The Russians are trying to take the cities out of exhaustion: they attack the power plants of the capital and Kherkov, they already place snipers, they appeal (them) to the laws of war and denounce that the Ukrainians are using phosphorus bombs. Beware, Mayor Klitschko says: Our military continues to spot the saboteurs, and some night shooting is heard in the embassy neighborhoods. Did Moscow call the Chechens? Their sworn enemies arrive in Kiev, the anti-Russian separatists of the Ichkeria, cutthroats alike. Zelensky has also given permission to open the prisons and let the worst out, as long as they are repentant and ready to die for their homeland: the ferocious Sergei Torbin, who killed a pacifist, or Dmytro Balabukha who shot a civilian waiting for the bus. All forgiven, all to fight.

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