Kiev bombed, the tanks in the city and the exodus-

Vladimir Putin ready to send a Russian delegation to Minsk at the level of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the presidential administration for negotiations with a Ukrainian delegation, as reported by the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, quoted by the agency Ria Novosti. Meanwhile in Kiev, currently under siege, he continues to fight. The Ukrainian capital could fall into Russian hands within a few days according to the latest US intelligence forecasts cited by some American media. The troops of Moscow would be about thirty kilometers from the capital but, explain the same sources, who have updated the members of the congress, they are meeting resistance from the Ukrainian forces, more fierce than expected. Meanwhile, local media reports that 18,000 rifles have been delivered to volunteers who are preparing to defend the streets of the city. In the photo, Russian troops are at the gates of Kiev. According to the Pentagon, 160 rockets were fired on Thursday alone. Here the damage caused to a public palace in Koshytsa, a suburb of Kiev (Afp)

Curated by Claudio Del Frate and Silvia Morosi

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