Lukashenko, the “Father” of Belarus, remained in the saddle only thanks to the Kremlin

Of Fabrizio Dragosei

Hockey, women, friendship with Vladimir, The last dictator is a servant of Moscow, and the country is now reduced to a province. Will he hand over the powers to his son Viktor?

The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky probably did well not to agree to go to Belarus to negotiate with Putin: the country led by Aleksandr Lukashenko who for many years has been navigating between Europe and Russia no longer has the slightest independence. It has practically become a province in which the lord of the Kremlin dictates the law, as if it were a mere appendage of Russia. The street revolt following the last plebiscite (and bogus) re-election of the leader who has been in the saddle for 28 years was about to unseat the “father”, as he likes to be called by his fellow citizens / subjects. Lukashenko was saved only by the “brotherly” help of his powerful neighbor. And we know that in these parts of the world aid is never free.

In the wolf’s lair

So when he had already decided to invade Ukraine months ago (now we know) Putin telephoned dear Aleksandr to inform him that his soldiers would carry out extensive maneuvers on the territory of Belarus right near the border with Ukraine. Then he let him know that the number of vehicles involved would increase and that more men were on the way. Finally, he told him that Moscow’s troops would most likely remain long, if not forever, on Belarusian territory. He, the father, knows very well how dear Volodya moves; he tells of having said to him not long ago with a winking air: “Now I am no longer the last dictator of Europe”. Putin would have looked at him coldly: “You certainly don’t think it’s me,” he would have replied.

In addition to that for hockey, Lukashenko looks like share with Putin also the passion for beautiful women. He never divorced his wife Galinabut the country’s media are forbidden to talk about it. He has a partnerof which nobody even writes anything, that the gave a son, Nikolai whom he calls Nikolenka. We know that she is an endocrinologist; in fact it is almost certainly Irina Abelskaya who was the president’s personal physician. According to some gossips, even the doctor would have fallen out of favor in recent times due to new flames, naturally much younger than the 67-year-old head of state.
Nikolenka has always been the eye of the president who dressed him from an early age with a copy of the military uniform he wore, so much so that he was nicknamed “mini-Aleksandr”.

Born as a farm manager at the time of the USSR, Lukashenko entered politics with the independence of Belarus, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. In 1994 he was already president and nobody moved him from that chair. He has been re-elected five times, always with Bulgarian percentages; the last time, two years ago, 80%. In an interview he confidentially told the reporter: «Believe me that I am an experienced president. Presidents are not made, they are born ».

The praise of Hitler

The impromptu exits of the father have become famous in recent years. Ever since he praised Hitler for what he had done for Germany to the definition he gave of himself: “I am an atheist, but an orthodox atheist.” To his people he foretold: “You will live badly, but not long.” The arrival of Covid caused it to unleash. First he denied that the pandemic existed in Belarus, then he launched into scientific analysis, arguing that cancer cases in the country had decreased. “God grant that Covid is a remedy against oncological diseases”. Finally, he prescribed the cure for the pandemic: sauna, vodka and work in the fields with the tractor.

Dependence on Moscow

At the head of a landlocked country with few raw materials, Lukashenko has always had to count on Russia’s help. Belarus basically lives by transforming raw materials arriving from the East and reselling them to Europe or to Russia itself. For the mechanism to work, given that these are not high-tech companies, the oil with which it makes petrol and diesel must be cheap. Ditto for the gas that runs the fertilizer companies. And then we have to please our friend Volodya.

When Russia became too pressing over the years, Father turned to Europe and threatened to change sides. If Brussels insisted too much on the demands for democracy, Lukashenko turned back to Moscow. But now the game is over. However, what matters most of all to him is to stay in the saddle. And maybe hand over the power to one of his sons, just to be safe. He is said to be “training” the eldest son Viktor who is 46 years old. He introduced him to his first experiences as a National Security Assistant. Last year he appointed him president of the Olympic committee.

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