Merkel robbed of her wallet in a Berlin supermarket

The former chancellor was in a shop in the Charlottenburg district. In her identity card purse, she has an ATM card, driver’s license and cash

Angela Merkel was robbed while she was shopping in Thursday morning a supermarket in Berlin. According to German media, the 67-year-old former chancellor was in a shop in the Morsestrasse of the Charlottenburg district, accompanied by at least one security officer.

TO what the
Bild, the purse – with identity card, ATM card, driving license and cash – was inside the purse of Frau Merkel, hanging on the cart. The police only confirmed that a 67-year-old lady reported a theft at the Friedrichstrasse police station. The Berlin police confirmed to the newspaper that the incident occurred around 11.40 on Thursday. Merkel did not call the agents from the shop, but she went to the nearby police station to report the incident.

It is possible that the thief only realized who the victim of the theft was when his documents were in his hands. Even during the first lockdown, he had gone around the world with the photo of the Chancellor in a row with the trolley in front of the cashier of a shop, holding an ATM. Among the purchases fruit, vegetables, a shower gel and even some bottles of Italian wine.

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