North Korea launched an “unidentified bullet” eastward

the South Korean military command in Seoul has reported the episode which, according to analysts, would be linked to the stalled negotiations with the US

There North Korea threw an unidentified bullet at sea to the east. I report it South Korean military in Seoul. This is the eighth initiative of its kind since the beginning of the year, according to a short note from the Joint Staff Command of South Korea.

With i nuclear negotiations with the United States in prolonged stalemate, Pyongyang carried out in January seven missile tests including ballisticincluding the most powerful since 2017, suspending all activities in the Olympic period with analysts who justified the decision as a deference to China.

The last test dates back to the end of January when an intermediate-range ballistic carrier was launched a few days after threat to lift the self-imposed moratorium on nuclear testing and long-range missiles decided a few years ago, generating fears of a systematic resumption of provocations.

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