Putin, declaration of war on TV: “We will react against those who interfere”

Of Fabio Postiglione

The Russian president in liaison at the same time that the American ambassador had finished speaking at the Council of State

The choice was by no means accidental. The Russian president Vladimir Putin announced the military operation in Ukraine (live news here) while the UN Security Council was underway and the American ambassador had just finished speaking.

At 4, Italian time, in connection with the state TV to announce a special plan to “demilitarize” and “denazification” of Ukraine, or a declaration of war.

I made the decision for a military operation»Announced the Russian president.

“The Russian military operation aims to protect people and circumstances require decisive action from Russia,” he added.

Soon after, the first explosions were heard in Kiev and other cities. The army began invading Ukraine with amphibious troops in Odessa.

He then sent a message to anyone who wanted to “interfere in the operations“. “We will react,” she said.

He never uttered the word war, nor invasion, and reiterated on TV that “this is not an occupation.” “The Russian military operation aims to protect people and circumstances require decisive action from Russia,” she explained.

The Russian president said in his speech that he wanted to “demilitarize and de-Nazify” Ukraine, inviting Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and go home, stating that the responsibility for the bloodshed will lie in the hands of the “Ukrainian regime”. “Your fathers and grandparents did not fight to help the neo-Nazis later,” she added.

And then a frontal attack on NATO because “further expansion and its use of the territory of Ukraine are unacceptable” and because “its behavior is immoral”. «Today, I believe once again that it is necessary to return to the tragic events that took place in the Donbass and to the key issues to guarantee the security of Russia itself. We are talking about threats that year after year, step by step, are created in a rude and unceremonious way by irresponsible politicians in the West towards our country ».

That is the expansion of the NATO block to the east, «By bringing its military infrastructure closer to the Russian borders. It is known that for 30 years we have tried with insistence and patience to reach an agreement with the main NATO countries on the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe ”.

In response “to our proposals, we have constantly faced either cynical deceptions and lies, or attempts at pressure and blackmail “, while the North Atlantic Alliance, meanwhile, despite all our protests and concerns, is constantly expanding. “The military machine is moving and, I repeat, is approaching our borders.”

An attack on Russia would lead to serious consequences for any potential aggressor, Putin warned. «Nobody should have doubts that a direct attack on our country will lead to defeat and terrible consequences for any potential aggressor, ”he said in a speech to the Russians. Putin noted that “Those who claim world domination, publicly, with impunity and, I stress, without any reason, they declare us, Russia, their enemy ». “They really have great financial, scientific, technological and military capabilities. We know this and objectively evaluate the threats that are constantly addressed to us in the economic sphere, as well as our ability to resist this brazen and permanent blackmail ”, he continued. “As far as the military sphere is concerned, modern Russia, even after the collapse of the USSR and the loss of a significant part of its potential, is today one of the most powerful nuclear powers in the world and it has the advantage in many of the latest types of weapons, ”Putin assured.

An aggressive speech that recalled the one he made to the nation just two days ago, in which Putin among other things invited Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their weapons while giving the order to his army to attack.

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