Queen Elizabeth positive for Covid: mild symptoms

Buckingham Palace reports that Queen Elizabeth has tested positive for the coronavirus

LONDON – Fear of Queen Elizabeth: the resulting British sovereign positive at Covid and suffers from mild symptoms, similar to a cold, according to reports from Buckingham Palace. However, the queen will continue in the next few days to conduct light commitments at Windsor Castle and will be closely monitored by the court doctors, who will probably begin to treat her immediately with anti-viral drugs: but undoubtedly there is concern for her health, given that by now at the age of 96.

A first alarm was triggered already ten days ago, when Prince Charles was found positive for the coronavirus just two days after meeting his mother. But it was not on that occasion that the queen contracted Covid, because she subsequently led a series of commitments and met various people: it is known instead that there have been several cases in the royal staff and, also due to the end of the restrictions in England, it is probable that Elizabeth became infected in this way.

The sovereign fully vaccinated: received the first dose in January last year, the second in March and the booster in October. But in recent months the his health had begun to cause concern: last October she was briefly hospitalized after having participated in as many as 19 consecutive official engagements, some of which had forced her to stand for hours. Well-informed sources report that the sovereign has no real health ailments, apart from some back pain and mobility problems that recently forced her to use a cane, but the trouble that she continued to behave like a 70-year-old when she long past ninety. The court doctors have therefore for months already imposed on her to downshift gear and reduce her commitments: also because they want her to arrive in the best shape in Junewhen the official celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee, or 70 years of reign, will take place.

In autumn Elisabetta had already observed a period of rest and had not even participated, for the first time since 1999, in the November ceremony for the fallen in war. Obviously the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020 had forced a real sanitary cordon to be laid around the elderly queen: an operation called Bull of His Majesty. Elizabeth was effectively locked up for months in Windsor Castle with her husband Philip (who died last April at almost 100 years of age), cared for by a staff of twenty who had agreed to remain there without any contact with their families. .

Precautionary measures that were then mitigated after vaccinations, so much so that Elizabeth has resumed meeting strangers during various official engagements. The queen continues to be animated by an inscrutable sense of duty and has no intention of retiring nor of abdicating (an idea for her absolutely tab): as she had sworn at the age of 21, it will continue until the end of her days. But surely the persistence of the pandemic has inserted an element of risk into her routine: and at this moment the thoughts of all the subjects go to her and to her health.

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