Russian ship blocked in the English Channel, it is the Baltic Leader. First effect of the sanctions

He was transporting cars to St. Petersburg: he stopped the crew in the port of Boulogne. You are suspected of belonging to a company affected by the measures taken against Moscow

A ship strongly suspected of belonging to one Russian company targeted by sanctions: the first concrete effect of the retaliation decided by the West following the aggression of Moscow in Ukraine. The freighter transported cars and was bound for St. Petersburg. The French customs authorities triggered the blockade during a transit through the Honfleur area on the English Channel, in Normandy. The unit was hijacked and detained in the port of Boulogne sur Mer. The Russian embassy in Paris asked for immediate explanations on the incident.

The targeted freighter the Baltic Leader, measuring 127 meters and it flies the Russian flag: it came from the river port of Rouen, on the Seine. At around 2 a.m. the Russian unit underwent a check in the area of Pas de Calais; after which it turned out that the shipping company could have connection with the interests targeted by the sanctions, the Baltic Leader, with the cargo and the crew (composed of about twenty seafarers) was forced to head towards Boulogne. The Russian embassy in Paris, informed by an emergency call from the captain, said it immediately contacted the French authorities to ask for clarification, embassy spokesman Alexander Makagonov said.

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