Storm Eunice hits Northern Europe: nine victims. Canceled all flights from London City

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Affected the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. Millions of Britons have been told to stay home to avoid the dangers of one of the worst storms in decades

The storm Eunice it hit Northern Europe, especially the United Kingdom, causing at least 9 victims. Millions of people across England have been told to stay home. The Met Office issued a second rare red weather alert for London on Friday, as well as much of the south and south-east and east coast of England. For maximum level of weather alert it is understood that there are concrete dangers to the life of people outdoors. The gusts of wind they also reach i 150 kilometers per hour, accompanied by downpours and showers of rain. On the Isle of Wight the wind blows at around 195 kilometers per hour, a record for the island, but not for the country. In past years Scotland has reached over 200 per hour at sea level and close to 300 on the peaks of the Highlands.

The generalized recommendation for the most affected areas – including capital – that of staying at home between 10 am local time (11 am in Italy) and early afternoon, when the intensity of the phenomena should begin to wane. Public places and tourist attractions are closed for today in London; while in Wales and the west, school activities, trains and various public transport have also been suspended. All flights to and from the airport of London City are canceled until 16.30. Some flights from Heathrow will also not depart regularly.

The firefighters of the London Fire Brigade they had to declare a state of serious emergency due to the extraordinary number of distress calls received to their switchboards due to the storm. On the Twitter profile of the London fire brigade it is stated that priority is given to interventions in which people are in danger of life. In the capital you can already see the damages: like those to the O2 Arena, home to major musical and sporting events, with parts of the roof that have been torn up by the gusts of wind. A spokesperson for what was previously called the Millennium Dome said the facility closed and a damage assessment is underway.

In Wales, Eunice started hitting in the early hours this morning. More than 1,800 homes are without electricity and the army is ready to intervene in case of need. The meteorological office also strongly advised against traveling on the motorway, as a result of which many main arteries were closed in advance. Closed as well several bridgesincluding the Severn Bridge which connects southern England and Wales, and the Britannia Bridge, which connects the Isle of Anglesey with mainland Wales.

Meanwhile, it was reported in the Republic of Ireland the first victim survey of the effects of the Eunice storm. A man died in County Wexford, about 130 kilometers from Dublin, after being hit by an uprooted tree, a local police source informed. A dead woman in a car in London overwhelmed by a fall of a tree and three other victims were recorded in theNorth Holland, struck by the fall of some large trees. A victim of Eunice also in Belgium where the evacuation of the center of the municipality of Asse in Flanders was initiated, because the church tower is unsafe.

In the United Kingdom at the moment there are – however – only a few injured.

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