Svitlana, Mariupol’s caregiver «My children without money among the bombs. I had to get them to safety first “

Of Alessandra Arachi

Svitlana Golda is one of over 90,000 Ukrainian domestic workers living in Italy. Her city, one of the epicenters of the conflict: Terrible to be here alone in Rome

Her name is Svitlana Golda, a Ukrainian caregiver who lives in Rome and cares for a nearly 100-year-old woman.
His city Mariupol the port that one of the epicenters of the conflict
. My two children, aged 30 and 26, and four small grandchildren live there: the last is six months old and the oldest is eight. I spent the night on the phone, I was in line with them when there was an invasion at five in the morning. After that it was impossible to sleep. Wednesday Svitlana was ready to go, he wanted to be close to his children and grandchildren. I wanted to bring them here but now everything is closed. They blocked trains and the closest airport to Lviv, almost two thousand kilometers away. I landed there when I wanted to see my children and then took the rest of the way by train. Now for not possible. terrible to be here alone in Rome while they are in the midst of the bombs.

The banks closed, my children without money

Svitlana works for the Sant’Anna cooperative, a structure that finds work for carers. Many are Ukrainian and all are experiencing the anguish of these hours. She herself holds back her tears with difficulty: But last night I cried he says

The priority now is to find a money transfer to send the money to Mariupol. They closed the banks and blocked the cards. They have no money, they cannot withdraw. They bought something to eat and now they are waiting for my money.

The army of carers

According to Istat data reported by the Domina association (National Association of Domestic Employer Families), there are 236,000 Ukrainians in Italy, and they represent 5% of total foreigners. Over 90 thousand are workers in the domestic sector and over 80% are women says Lorenzo Gasparrini, Domina’s general secretary. He adds: On Wednesday almost 20,000 carers were ready to leave for their country to fetch their children and bring them here to Italy.

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