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Dylan Adams – Founder

If one wants inspiration one need not go far, Dylan Adams’s journey has been of the kind which can inspire many upcoming entrepreneurs. Though Dylan himself is only 29 years old, he has by now spent over a decade in the field of technology.

His early internships at then famous companies helped him get a grip on the industry dynamics. He then ventured into developing his own ideas and hit many roadblocks whereby sometimes either the software failed or sometimes the funding dried up. Dylan never gave up, he has been persistent ever since his school days. 

In one of the recent interviews with Tech Pool Magazine, he described how once he was sitting alone in a cafe dismayed by some of his recent failures the idea of setting up T-TELSTRA  sprang up in his mind like a bulb lights up suddenly.

Since then the journey has been one that of labour of love, everything worked out quite neatly for this project as both the product and the funding were quite solid this time around. 

Emily Geller – Writer

Emily Geller was the youngest editor at The Globaltech Affairs when she joined. Since then she has had extensive experience of over seven years in the industry. 

Emily was a topper at her Ivy League university, but soon realized how she did not want to follow the path that most of her friends were taking–the usual high paid job at a major multinational. She wanted to work on something that would make a disruption in the industry.

T-TELSTRA  opened the doors for such an opportunity and everything fell right in place after she started working as a senior writer at the company. With successive promotions, just at the age of 27 years, she heads the whole writing department at the company now as their Chief Content Officer. 

Her strategies have been instrumental in what the company has achieved to date. Her role will become even more crucial as T-TELSTRA  looks to pivot as a new age platform by integrating many new features that can even accommodate the Web3.