A Beginner’s guide- Telstra my account

What are the Telstra my account log in plan specifications?

Once you are determined to run the Telstra login services on your device, it is the time to know the plan specifications of the Telstra webmail login services:-

  • 01) No fixed plans: There are no lock-in data plans hence you will get the flexibility to modify your plan size once a month that will be compatible with your needs.
  • 02) Bring your own device: It says that you can bring the most suitable device that will be compatible with the My Telstra services product package.
  • 03) Go through the Device Payment Contract: It is important to purchase a compatible device, and you need to pay for just 24 or 36 interest-free monthly payments.
  • 04) There are no excess data charges: In case, you exceed your data allowance you will just face a long time to lead some of the web pages, video/ media content and some of the large files.
  • 05) Some of the extra features are Sports Streaming, Music streaming and premium services like Telstra Air.
  • 06) Telstra New table feeling: This service will allow you to take up a new tablet in the last 12 months of Device Payment Contract

Everything you ever wanted to know about Telstra Plus

Customers who have recently joined Telstra Plus will have access to exciting membership benefits such as there are discounted tickets, entertainment extras and much more. Moreover, you will be rewarded with the points based on your account spend every month. You can redeem these points on Telstra my account login page in the Telstra Pus section.

How to add an existing service to Telstra my account?

If you want to add an existing service to Telstra account then you need to follow the instructions here:-

  • 01) Log in to Telstra.com/myaccount with your login credentials.
  • 02) If you are a new user then click on the “Add an account” and fill in the details. After this, click on the “Continue” option. Remember, if you enter your mobile number then you will get the verification code via SMS.
  • 03) Now, enter the verification code when prompted on-screen.
  • 04) If you wish to add another service then firstly, you need to select the “Account settings” from the “Profile & Preferences” menu.
  • 05) After this, click on the “Add an account” that is visible in the Accounts section.
  • 06) Now, enter the pre-paid mobile or home phone number when prompted on-screen.
  • 07) After this, click on the “Save” option to add your new service.

How to top up Telstra my account prepaid services?

If you are traveling on a vacation or on a business trip and you are away from home but want to stay in touch with your close ones then you can do it without signing up for a postpaid account. Some of you also might have considered getting a Telstra prepaid SIM. You can simply recharge your Telstra my account prepaid services online for uninterrupted services by following the steps mentioned below:-

  • 01) Firstly, you just need to open your computer’s web browser and go to the www.telstra.com.aulogin and enter your Telstra login credentials.
  • 02) After this go to the “Recharge” section or visit www.telstra.com.au/recharge directly.
  • 03) Now, enter your prepaid mobile number under the “Recharge Now” section.
  • 04) You need to make sure that the number you have entered is associated with the My Telstra my account for prepaid SIM.
  • 05) Followed by this, you just need to click on the “Go” option.
  • 06) Select the payment method along with the amount for a top-up.
  • 07) After this, you will see a confirmation window appearing on-screen that will notify you about a successful top-up.
  • 08) Congratulations!! You can now continue to use the prepaid services without any interruptions.

For further assistance:-

You can always seek technical assistance if you have any confusion related to the steps mentioned in the article. For assistance, you can dial the toll-free helpline number that is available on Telstra login official website that goes by the URL www.telstra.com.aulogin.

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