Comprehensive user’s guide to set up the Telstra TV2

Telstra TV 2 is the second generation of Telstra’s popular streaming box that is based on the hardware from the Roku company. It is very familiar to those who upgrade from the first version. Even if you are new to the Telstra TV then its no big deal you can relax.  This is one of the easiest and convenient with the most hassle-free devices to setup.  Remember, all you need is an active internet connection with Wi-Fi within the box and then a Telstra account can be used to activate the box. The Telstra TV2  adds live TV to the mix and that surely means that one step ahead to set up if you are planning to use the TV tuner. In this article, you will get to learn the basics of Telstra TV2  setup.

What is in the  Telstra TV 2 setup box?

This box gives provides you everything you need to start Telstra TV 2. Just open the box and then you will see the Telstra TV2 Setup box, its remote control, and two AAA batteries to start it, the power adapter and high-speed cable. Unlike its earlier versions, the Telstra TV 2 can easily play 4K video.

Get started with Telstra TV setup process. Once you get Telstra TV out of the box, then just peel off the protective plastic film.

Remember, this device can get warm during the operation but it will run smoothly when it gets started. You just have to do a couple of connections just plug the HDMI  cable into the Telstra TV. It is optional if you prefer to run the ethernet connection then connecting via Wi-Fi. There is no one specific option to make a connection so it’s up to you whatever connection you want to make that will enhance its performance.  You should not be worried about the Ethernet unless you encounter the streaming issues due to a slow Wi-Fi connection.

Setting up the connection

Once Telstra TV 2 starts then you will see that it sends a picture to your TV in the “Safe mode. You will be then taken to your TV. You can then find out the TV formats that can be easily used, for most of the people 1080p. However, the box supports the 4K for the shiny TVs. There will be an “Automatic” option are the obvious choices to make. Just set the time zone and instead of just picking up a manual option you can choose the state that you live in and you are good to go. Just enter the home network details to connect Telstra with Wi-Fi.

Live TV Streaming

It is the second most part of the streaming process and you will be prompted for the same if you are going to use the live TV  stream option. This just needs you to plug the antenna cable into the Telstra TV  box. Its just fine to pull out the TV and then put the Telstra TV. This means that your TV will not be able to receive the channels all by itself.  The idea is just to sty on the HDMI input all the time that will be apt for both streaming and live TV.  If you want. Them both to stay connected then you can easily pick up a cheap little device that is called an Antenna splitter.  Setting up the live TV means that you have to let the Telstra TV for a channel scan. It will take some time and then you have to get access to the box fully functional.

Adding the applications in use

There are some big applications that you will be using the most which are pre-installed on Telstra TV 2  that will provide you live streaming services like Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Now, Bigpond movies and more. You just need to search the “App Store” menu that you will have to find a number of other applications that you wish to add such as two popular streaming services that don’t include by default, Hayu, and DocPlay.  If you are just planning to play the videos, photos or audio from the USB stick then you just need to be sure to grab the Roku Media Player application. To install the apps is just a one-click operation that is a matter of a few seconds. You just can re-order the apps on the main menu easily if you wish.

Advanced settings to set

If you are accessing the more advanced TV  with  1080 p then there are some settings that occur in the menu list which you wish to check out.  The most estimated option is just to adjust the “Refresh rate” according to the content to the viewers.  You can set the Telstra TV 2 to the Netflix and Stan stream movies at the native frame rate if the TV supports it. You should keep in mind that there are many TV s that do not supports the same so you should know about it. Moreover, you can easily set the Telstra TV to shut down when you do not use it for the time span of  4 hours, within a power-saving mode.


Just sit back, relax and enjoy the show! Once you have completed the setup and activation process then you can easily log in to the streaming services that you wish to opt. you can also browse the live TV and play the stuff from the USB cable connection. Like all the devices, Telstra TV 2 will do it all for you without many efforts included I the set up process. The installation or the setup process is easy and simple, moreover, within few minutes you will be set to get entertained.

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