The victims of the war in Ukraine: the stories of civilians who died in the conflict, many are children

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Alisa was not yet 8 years old and was shot while near an asylum. Polina, in the last year of elementary school, was in the car with her family and grandparents

The number of civilians killed during the Russian invasion of Ukraine is increasing day by day. Monday morning the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky reported 16 children who died in four days and 45 were injured.
According to the United Nations are at least 102 civilians, including seven children, killed since Thursday, the day the Russian invasion began. while the injured are 304, making it clear that the real death toll could be much higher. Most of these civilians were killed by wide-ranging explosive weapons, including heavy artillery fire, rocket launchers and air strikes. The actual numbers are, I fear, considerably higher, said the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, at the opening of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Sunday evening, the Ministry of Health of Kiev had spoken of over 1,600 injured and at least 352 Ukrainian victims, the

most of them still unnamed.

Alisa, who died in the attack on the Okhtyrka kindergarten

Between them Alisa Hlans, who would have turned eight in three months. The little girl who died in the attack onOkhtyrka kindergartenhit by a rocket containing cluster bombs last Friday, on the second day of the invasion (cluster bombs – remember Amnesty International – are prohibited by the homonymous United Nations convention of 2008, to which neither Russia nor Ukraine have acceded). Gravely injured along with other people, the girl was taken to the hospital where she died on Saturday, as reported by the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Irina Venediktova,

with a message on Facebook, accompanied by an invitation: We need peace. In the eastern part of the country, schools were closed on February 21 as hostilities intensified, leaving about 350,000 children without access to education, as reported today by a report by Save The Children. In other areas, where schools are still open, some parents are sending their children to school with blood type stickers on their arms because they fear they may be injured.

Polina was in the car with her parents

Among the victims identified – as reported by the Bbc
– even the little one Polina, who was in the last year of elementary school in Kiev. According to local authorities, she and her parents were shot dead in the street: they would have found themselves with their car in the middle of one of the many Russian special forces blitzes in the Ukrainian capital with the aim of sabotaging nerve centers. and identify targets to hit with air and missile strikes. The brother and sister were taken to hospital: the first hospitalized in Okhmatdyt, the second more serious and in intensive care. Vladimir Bondarenko, deputy mayor of Kiev, took the photograph of the small state.

The boy on a bike, the teachers, the family

A mortar round or a missile launched from Russian positions killed – again according to the Bbc – also a boy (still unnamed) who went on a bicycle in the Ukrainian town of Chuhuiv, in the eastern region of Kharkiv, not far from the Russian border. And on February 25 in Gorlovka, eastern Ukraine, two teachers they lost their lives to a missile that hit a school, according to reports from Save The Children. We are on the fifth day of the bloody, inhuman and cruel war, observed Sviatoslav Shevchuk, archbishop of Kiev, denouncing those who put children and women on tanks to make them a human shield. Five members of the same family
they died in southern Ukraine on the first day of the war, when Russian troops pushed into the city of Cherson from Crimea. The details of the attack were revealed for the first time by the chief of the Ukrainian police, Yevhen Zhukov: the family – according to what is learned – would have tried to escape the advance with two cars, failing – however – to escape enemy fire near Nova Kakhovk. Among them a 6-year-old girl, Sofia; a baby of a few weeks, Ivan; the two grandparents and a woman named Irina.

The victims on the day of negotiations

And not even on the day of negotiations did Russian military activity stop: following the bombing of Severodonetsk, one person was killed and two were injured, as reported on Facebook by the head of the Luhansk regional state administration. Serhiy Haidai. The victim was 64 and killed by a direct hit. The two wounded, hit by shrapnel, are also serious, wrote Haidai, who points out that the city’s gas pipeline was also hit. At least 11 civilians were then killed in the Russian heavy artillery bombardment of Kharkiv, as communicated by the regional governor, adding that dozens more people were injured. The Russian enemy is bombing residential areas, he wrote on Telegram Oleg Sinegubov.

The Greek community was also affected

In two villages not far from the Russian border in south-eastern Ukraine, the country’s ethnic Greek population was also affected by the tragedy of the war. On Saturday, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke with sadness and anger about the death of 10 civilians of Greek origin killed by Russian airstrikes near the port city of Mariupol. Two villages were affected: Sartanaon the outskirts of Mariupol, e Buhasl, about 65 kilometers to the north. Greece, in a statement, unequivocally condemns the ongoing attacks against civilians and calls on the Russian Federation to immediately stop the air strikes and all actions against civilians. The Russian embassy in Athens blamed the attack on Ukrainian forces, arguing that Russia’s special military operations targeted only military units and infrastructure.

The dead among the Russian soldiers

Beyond 5 thousand Russian soldiers they were killed in the first four days of fighting, Kiev’s Defense Ministry announced today, according to Bbc. In a statement posted on Facebook, Ukrainian officials said around 5,300 Russian soldiers were killed. Additionally, 191 tanks and 816 armored personnel carriers were destroyed by Ukrainian forces, which also shot down 29 Russian fighter jets and 29 helicopters.

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