Trump talks about Putin: «A genius. With me in the White House, the crisis with Ukraine would not exist “

Donald Trump attacks Biden and praises Putin. While in the hours of maximum listening to Fox, “friendly fire” is broadcast against any hypothesis of intervention in Ukraine

Putin dares why sees in Biden a very weak opponent
? There may also be this in the Russian leader’s decision to challenge the equilibrium achieved in Europe after the Cold War with arms.

But it certainly cannot be said that the White House was caught unprepared this time or did not attempt to get a second thought from Putin with the tools he has at his disposal. For many thea true weakness of America that feeds Putin’s audacity is to be found inTrump’s attitude and his team that will recapture Congress in nine months and which also plans to take back the White House in 2024: while South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham shoots them big by saying that now Biden must fight back by annihilating the ruble and destroying the industry Russian oil and gas company, The Donald managed to impress many leaders of his party saying that Putin is a wise man and pressuring them to oppose the sending of US military aid to Ukraine.

Yesterday, then, interviewed by a conservative podcast, he even has called Putin a geniusspoke with admiration of the large deployment of Russian tanks presented as a peacekeeping force and argued that such a mass of tanks and guns would serve the southern border of the United States to block what he calls the invasion of millions of illegal immigrants.

To the interviewers who ask him if Biden, from the Oval Office, made a mistake, he replies: “He rigged the elections, he shouldn’t be there, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” Instead, look at Putin: «He is a genius. He declared a part of Ukraine independent. Marvelous. He is intelligent and his peacekeeping force will bring back peace. He would need a similar one from us on the southern border. Putin is wise, I know him well, very well. And anyway, with me in the White House, none of this would have happened. ”

To understand what the air would be like in Europe with Trump’s return to power, just take a look at Fox, the Trumpian TV, the greatest electorate training tool that will make the Republicans win in November.

In the hours of maximum listening, on the day of the Russian invasion of a sovereign country, the three most beloved conductors by the former republican president concentrated on the following messages: from 7 to 8 in the evening Jesse Watters wondered if the lives of American soldiers should be risked to defend countries like Estonia from a possible Russian attack. Recognizing that there is a NATO treaty that in article 5 commits all partners to defend the attacked member states, large or small, he asked whether in 2022 the American people could still be asked to make a similar sacrifice and if not should ask France and Germany, who are around here, to get by on their own.

Then, from 20 to 21 it was the turn of the very popular Tucker Carlson who has returned to beating on topics that have become his workhorse: Ukraine is strategically irrelevant to the United States, better to defend the borders of America from the invasion of illegal immigrants than those of Ukraine from Russia. A conflict in Eastern Europe involves costs and no advantages for the US citizen.

Finally, from 9 pm to 10 pm, Sean Hannity broadcast a very long archive video of President Trump who, during a meeting with the head of NATO, accuses Germany of placing itself in Moscow’s hands buying the bulk of its energy from Russia. Hannity then explains that Trump was ready to offer Europeans American gas instead of Russian gas, but the EU countries have dropped it and “Biden destroyed what Trump had built”.

Obviously there is nothing true, except for some possible small supply to Baltic countries. But, even assuming that America was able to export the enormous volume of gas required by European economies and that transportation across the Atlantic was possible at acceptable costs, European countries (except, perhaps, Spain) , do not have (as has also recently emerged) the facilities necessary to regasify the liquid gas discharged from ships. Boring technical details that Hannity obviously preferred to overlook. Instead, to focus his message on a warning: the day Russia invades, Fox rather than Putin, takes it out on European governments, telling them to pay more for the support of NATO and, also, to assume the much of Russia’s military containment efforts, given that the Old Continent is under threat, not America.

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