Ukraine Russia, Biden announces sanctions: “I don’t speak to Putin”

For President Joe Biden, the Russian attack on Ukraine will have consequences. This aggression – he said he – cannot go unanswered. CNN: another 7,000 US soldiers in Europe

I have no intention of speaking to Putin. Thus American President Joe Biden made his debut in the new White House speech on Russia’s attack on Ukraine. The US president explained that there is a complete rupture now in relations between the United States and Russia and that America intends to stop more than half of high-tech imports from Russia, thanks to the new sanctions. Because, Biden clarified,
aggression cannot go unanswered. Vladimir Putin has much broader ambitions than Ukraine – says Biden – he actually wants to re-establish the Soviet Union. And I think his ambition is completely contrary to the position that the rest of the world has reached.

The sanctions

Among the hypotheses to strike Russia, it does not exclude the possibility of expelling it from the Swift international payment system: Swift always an option, at the moment there are no plans to use it, the president said. The Moscow stock exchange collapsed, we will sanction four other Russian banks that were not included in the first tranche, including the VTP, the second in the country. These will be heavy costs for the Russian economy, both immediately and over time. Strong limits are also placed on the export of technology. There is also a list of Putin-related individuals who will face sanctions, people who benefit from Putin’s policies and should share the suffering. We will go on with these operations, he added. In addition, a coalition of partners representing more than half of the world economy will be formed and we will limit Russia’s ability to work with dollars, yen, euros.

The military aspect

Putin will become a pariah on the international scene, assures Biden, who anticipated how NATO will move from a military point of view: Our soldiers will not fight in Ukraine, but are in Europe to defend NATO allies. The United States will defend every meter of NATO territory, Biden clarified. Do everything in my power – she reiterated – to limit the suffering that the American people are experiencing every time they go to a fuel station. But this aggression cannot go unanswered.

According to CNN, the Pentagon has ordered the deployment of 7,000 US soldiers, already stationed in Europe, in Germany.

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