Ukraine Russia, the latest news: the war has begun, invasion in several cities

In the night, Russian President Putin orders the attack: explosions in Kiev, news of amphibious troops in Odessa

At 4 am in the Italian morning, Vladimir Putin launched what he called a special military operation in Ukrainewhich revealed itself over the minutes a total attack. it was the Russian president himself who announced it in a televised speech, after long hours in which the last diplomatic attempts to avoid the conflict had failed, and while the UN Security Council was in progress. Putin said his goal was to demilitarize him but not occupy Ukraine, adding that intends to denazify the neighboring country. He also warned the world: Anyone who tries to interfere or threaten usmust know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead to consequences never experienced in history. The Kremlin leader did not specify the territorial scope of the operation, but while speaking the CNN reported explosions near the capital Kiev and Kharkiv, the second largest city in the country, located in the north-east. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense then reported attacks in the strategic ports of Mariupol and Odessa. The American president Joe Biden called the attack unprovoked and unwarrantedadding that Putin has chosen a premeditated war that will lead to catastrophic loss of life and suffering, and that he will have to account for it to the world..

Zelensky: We are ready for anything, we will win
According to reports from CNN, which cites sources from the Ukrainian Interior Ministry, there are already hundreds of people injured or killed by the attack, which according to Russia is turning against Ukrainian military structures. President Zelensky, after an interview with Biden, imposed martial law in the country and said: We are strong, ready for anything. We will win.

5.53 am – The reaction of the West
(Giuseppe Sarcina, from Washington) Biden reacted shortly after the explosions, proving that the US administration thinks Putin launched the feared large-scale offensive. In a note released by the White House, the president announced that this morning, February 24, he will consult with the partners of the G7 and immediately afterwards he will turn to the Americans to explain what the new consequences imposed on Russia by the United States and its allies will be. According to the schedule agreed in recent days, the US, the EU, the UK, Japan and Canada should impose tougher sanctions. Exports of technological equipment to Russia and major banks are likely to be affected. In addition, Biden will coordinate with NATO allies to ensure a strong and compact response to prevent any aggression against the Atlantic Alliance.

5.43 am – NATO: We will protect the allies
NATO strongly condemns Russia’s unwarranted attack on Ukraine and calls on Moscow to stop its military action immediately. Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated the Atlantic Alliance’s support for the Ukrainian people and reaffirmed that they will do whatever it takes to protect and defend their allies. I strongly condemn Russia’s reckless attack on Ukraine, which puts countless civilian lives at risk. This is a grave violation of international law and a serious threat to Euro-Atlantic security. NATO allies will meet to confront Russia’s renewed aggression.

5 am – The first bombs
(Francesco Battistini, from Kiev) The first explosion at 5. She gets out of bed, along with phone calls from colleagues in neighboring rooms who have heard her pierce through last night’s lack of sleep. The second, still far away, arrives half an hour later. From where we are, a few hundred meters from the Maidan, the heart of the city square, we see Kiev wake up.

The first alarm comes from the hotel at 5.30 local time, with an intercom which, in Ukrainian, instructed us to leave the rooms and reach a basement. Yesterday the hotel in the central area of ​​Kiev in Yaroslaviv gave us a map with the directions to follow in case of a military operation. Smoke can be seen in the distance and explosions have been heard for an hour now, not far from the Italian embassy, ​​which has remained open in recent days.

4:40 – Biden: Putin has chosen a premeditated war, he will have to account for it
US President Joe Biden responded to Putin’s words by speaking of an unprovoked and unwarranted attack that will cause catastrophic suffering and human loss. The world, he said, will ask Russia for the bill.

4.21 am – Hear explosions in Kiev and other cities

Explosions were heard in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine. The explosions in Kiev begin to be numerous. CNN reporter Matthew Chance cut the connection to put on the bulletproof vest with the wording press and the helmet. The operation takes place in direct connection.

4.04 – Putin speaks to Russia: I have decided on a military operation

The military operation in Ukraine is underway, officially to defend the Donbass separatists. Late at night, Russian President Vladimir Putin surprisingly intervenes on public television and crosses the Rubicon, just as the UN Security Council is meeting. An aggressive speech, in which Putin among other things invited the Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their weapons and above all threatened with retaliation any external interference. I made the decision of a military operation, he said just before 6 am in Moscow. Explaining that a further enlargement of NATO to the east is unacceptable and that those of the Atlantic Alliance are immoral behaviors. Then clarifying that the occupation of Ukraine is not in Russia’s plans.

3.30 – The airspace of Russia and Ukraine closed
First Russia and then Ukraine decided to close the airspace. No aircraft will be able to travel to and from Kiev and all other cities in Ukraine. While the airspace in Russia is restricted only in the area bordering the Donbass.

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