Ukraine-Russia war, the latest news: Kiev, battle in the streets

Of Francesco Battistini, Andrea Nicastro, Paolo Foschi, Online Editorial

The war between Russia and Ukraine entered the third day: Moscow troops launched the siege of Kiev, where President Zelensky tries to resist. Putin calls on the military in Kiev to overthrow the government and take control of the country

• Russia and Ukraine are on their third day of war, and in these hours the battle for Kiev is being fought(here the images of the cities under attack). There is a shortage of bread and medicine in the city (here a report by the correspondent Francesco Battistini)
• Russian President Vladimir Putin asked the Ukrainian army to desert and overthrow the government. (Here an insight into the topic: what happens if Russia wins in Ukraine?)

• The Ukrainian president Zelensky, in a dramatic television message, he explained that he does not intend to leave; in the afternoon a video was released in which she appears in camouflage on the streets of Kiev awaiting the Russian attack on the heart of Ukrainian power. The United States is trying to figure out how to save him.
• The Russians on the second day of the war intensified attacks along strategic lines and began to land airborne troops. Ukraine’s air defense appears compromised, but Kiev claimed responsibility for the shooting down of a freighter carrying Russian pars. It is fought in Mariupol, and in the Donbass and in many other areas of the country (here the map illustrating the fighting in progress).
• The UN Security Council failed to approve a resolution condemning Russia for the veto exercised by Moscow, but China still abstained instead of taking sides with Putin. Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador in Moscow has announced that the military operation will soon reach the set objectives.

Europe remains divided on the line to be taken and the sanction that would cause the greatest damage to Russia, that is a ban on access to financial markets, has not been (for now) adopted (here the in-depth analysis by Francesca Basso).

• Western countries – from the European Union to Great Britain, to the United States – have nevertheless launched very harsh sanctions packages against Russia; the EU has decided to freeze the assets of Putin and Lavrov. (Here the economic, military and humanitarian consequences for Italy)

The reasons for the crisis
are explained in
this deepening

. Here instead
an interview with Anne Applebaum on Putin, signed by Beppe Severgnini: It doesn’t work like us, I don’t know if it’s afraid of death or losing power.

6.26 am – Ukrainian TV: Zelensky in Kiev and leads the resistance

External President Volodymyr Zelensky is in the capital and is personally leading Kiev’s resistance to the Russian invasion. This was announced by the state television station Dom. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian media have spread the news of yet another victory over the Russian forces in the capital. The 101st Ukrainian brigade destroyed a Russian column consisting of two cars, two trucks with tanks and another tank, neutralized near the Beresteiska station.

5.57 am – Government sources confirm ongoing fighting in Kiev
Ukrainian government officials confirmed street fighting against Russian invaders in Kiev, urging residents to seek shelter.

5.14 – Zelensky rejects the US offer to leave Kiev
According to reports from the AP agency, the president

Zelensky again rejected the US offer to leave Kiev and Ukraine.
The battle here. I need ammo, not a ride, Zelensky said.

5.01 am – The Ukrainian army: in Kiev we are stopping the horde
We are stopping the horde in the best possible way, the situation in Kiev under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces and our citizens: the secretary of the Ukrainian Security Council Oleksiy Danilov said, according to reports from Kyiv independent.

4.51 am – China: s to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine
Respect and safeguarding of sovereignty and territorial integrity also apply to Ukraine: one of the 5 points of the Chinese position on the Russia-Ukraine crisis exposed by the Foreign Ministry Wang Yi in the phone calls made with the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, the Foreign Minister British Liz Truss and Emmanuel Bonne, Macron’s diplomatic adviser. The other points are: Russia’s legitimate security demands, moderation against escalation, the diplomatic solution (sa Ukraine-Russia talks) and a no to UN light resolutions on the use of force and sanctions under Chapter VII .

4.47 am – USA evaluates the hypothesis of excluding Russia from Swift

The United States is seriously considering the possibility of expelling Russia from Swift, an idea that by now the Europeans also seem to be considering. This was reported by the Bloomberg agency citing some sources, according to which Biden could try to push for an EU directive necessary to ban Swift to Russia. The White House is discussing the hypothesis with the Fed, which sits on Swift’s supervisory body.

4.35 am – CNN: US fears that Kiev will soon fall under the control of the Russians
The United States fears that Russia may soon take control of Kiev. CNN reports it citing some sources. Russian troops would be approaching the city.

4.06 am – The Tass Agency: Ukrainian attack in Donbass, two civilians dead The Ukrainian army carried out nine attacks on seven residential areas in the Luhansk People’s Republic. The attack on the Donetsky settlement resulted in the death of two residents: according to reports from TASS, the Lugansk mission to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination. The number of daily attacks by the Ukrainian army on the territory controlled by the Luhansk People’s Republic more than tripled in the last 24 hours – the agency adds, specifying that the attacks have damaged five homes.

3.45 am – China starts the evacuation plan for its citizens
China has activated the evacuation plan for compatriots present in Ukraine: in a note, the Chinese embassy in Kiev assured that everyone will return home immediately as soon as flight conditions can guarantee their safety. The embassy had announced on Thursday the organization of charter flights to evacuate Chinese citizens who wished to leave the country, without providing details regarding the date of the flights.

3.38 am – Ukrainian forces: Russian attack on Kiev rejected
The Ukrainian Armed Forces said they had repelled a night attack by Russian soldiers on one of their positions on Victory Avenue, one of Kiev’s main arteries. The attack was repulsed, the Ukrainian military said in a message on their Facebook account, without providing further details on the exact location of this clash.

3.17 am – S&P lowers Russia’s rating, sanctions effect

The S&P agency cuts Russia’s rating to `BB + and puts it under scrutiny with negative implications. We believe the announced sanctions could have significant direct and indirect effects on economic activity, confidence and financial stability. There is high uncertainty about the evolution of the geopolitical conflict and further sanctions, but also about the economic and financial repercussions of the existing restrictions, says S&P.

3.09 am –
The Russians attack power plant to leave Kiev in the dark
According to the Ukrainian government communications service, clashes are underway in an eastern suburb of the capital, Kiev: The enemy is trying to attack a CHP-6 power plant near Troieschyna, possibly an attempt to leave the city without electric light. Explosions also in the west and south of the city. Explosions were also heard near Maidan Square.

3.05 am – Kazakhstan says no to sending troops alongside Russia
Kazakhstan, one of Russia’s closest allies, has not responded positively to Moscow’s request for its troops to join the offensive in Ukraine. This was reported by the broadcaster Nbc, which cites its sources. The former Soviet republic also said it does not recognize the Russian-backed separatist republics used by President Vladimir Putin as a pretext for aggression in Ukraine.

2.54 am – Explosions and gunshots in different areas of Kiev
Over 50 explosions and heavy machine gun shots were reported in the Shulyavka areas and near the Kiev Zoo. Loud gunshots were also reported near the Beresteiska metro station, not far from a Ukrainian military facility. The Kyiv Independent reports it.
According to local sources, Russian pars have also entered the city, but the news has not yet been officially confirmed.

2.14 – New explosions in Kiev, clashes south of the capital
New explosions are reported near Kiev and violent clashes are reportedly taking place in the south of the Ukrainian capital. CNN reports it.

1.42 – Russia at the UN: our military objectives will soon be achieved
The objectives of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine will soon be achieved. This was stated by the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, during the meeting of the Security Council.

1.28 am – Kiev, little girl was born in the shelter created in the subway

In just a few hours, the images of the Kiev metro, which has become a refuge for residents of the Ukrainian capital since the beginning of the Russian military operation, went around the world. And in the past few hours, in those tunnels that have become sheltered from the war, a woman would have given birth to a girl named Mia. The story was told by an open group on Telegram, reports the BBC.

1.26 am – Washington Post: USA ready to help Zelensky to leave the country
The United States is ready to help President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky leave Kiev to avoid being captured or killed by Russian forces. So far for Zelensky he refused. The Washington Post reports this, citing American and Ukrainian sources.

1.23 am – Zelensky after UN vote: the world with us
As Russia continues to attack Kiev, the draft resolution was supported by an unprecedented number of UN member states. This shows: the world with us, the truth with us, the victory will be ours! So Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Twitter.

0.56 am – Kiev claims plane downing with Russian troops
A Russian IL-76 freighter, used for troop transport, was reportedly shot down around midnight local time by a Ukrainian Air Force Su-27 fighter. This was announced by the general staff of Kiev which recognizes that in the city of Vasylkiv, south of the capital, tough fighting is underway while the invaders try to land aircraft loaded with soldiers. Previously, the military had reported that the Ukrainian S-300 anti-aircraft missile system had shot down a Russian helicopter and a Su-25 fighter.

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