Ukraine, the blacklist of the Kremlin with the objectives to be “killed or sent to jail”

The campaign of “targeted killings, kidnappings / enforced disappearances, arbitrary detentions and the use of torture” emerges from a report by the American services, delivered to the UN head of human rights, the former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet.

KIEV – «They will invade», okay. But then what will they do?

Putin is “a killer” was one of the first things that the newly elected American President Joe Biden said.

The judgment seems to be confirmed.

Among the thousands of scenarios designed by Western intelligence, there is also the worst: a military occupation of the whole of Ukraine, the seizure of the buildings of power in Kiev and the need, for Vladimir Putin, to behead all the “Disturbing elements” and resistance.

A report by the American services, delivered a few days ago to the UN head of human rights, the former Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, lists the “Ukrainians to be killed or sent to prisons” as soon as a pro-Russian government took office in the capital.

The Washington Post he quotes a letter, undated but probably from January, which he identifies the main knots of Ukrainian power and the Kremlin’s plan to dissolve them in a campaign of “targeted killings, enforced kidnappings / disappearances, arbitrary detentions and the use of torture”.

A little bit what we saw in Crimeawhere an invasion without firing a shot and even calling for a popular referendum on annexation (with the small detail of Wagner’s mercenary guns, still leveled in the streets while people voted), the first “peaceful” hours were followed by months of repression: the Tatar minority forced to leave, its leaders imprisoned and still on trial.

The black list of people to be killed in case of occupation of Ukraine was sent to Bachelet by the American ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Batsheba Nell Crocker: it is expected, it is written, a “Catastrophe on the human rights front”.

The Russians have foreseen a bit of everything, the US says, and in particular a popular uprising in many Ukrainian cities. For this reason, “lethal measures to disperse peaceful protests or to counter peaceful exercises of perceived resistance by the civilian population” would be ready.

Translated into chronicle: leatherheads at demonstrations, hunting for dissidents and nationalistic and far-right organizations, from Azov Battalion to Svoboda, to Pravi Sektor, which for some time have been preparing for a street-by-street guerrilla.

It is not known whether the list also contains indications for the current Ukrainian leaders. However, it is said that the president Volodymyr Zelensky has already sent his family abroad as a precaution.

The other prominent names too – from the former president Petro Poroshenko to the passion of the Orange Revolution, Yulya Tymoshenko they would prepare escape plans: a Belarusian solution, with the opposition (or rather the resistance) that from Poland and other European countries can become the voice of the anti-Putin.

The Kiev press has told in recent weeks how the Russian secret services – the Tower crane of military intelligence, theFsb which inherited the structure of the Soviet KGB, theSvr which looks after the interests of Moscow in the old republics of the USSR – can count on “sleeping” agents throughout the country: unsuspected employees or workers, anonymous teachers, committed trade unionists, IT operators, transparent gentlemen next door who, once the invasion has started, can collaborate with sabotage, denunciations, support for Russian troops. Fictional scenes? Difficult to understand. But the Americans are sure: the imagination and determination of Putin, an experienced former KGB agent, have no limits.

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