Ukrainian war Russia, a child was born in the Kiev subway station

The mother is a 23-year-old girl. They’re both fine, I’m in the hospital.

It looks like a small miracle in the absurdity of war, and it could become the symbol of life that prevails over death and destruction.

In the Kiev subway, used as a shelter, a baby girl was born who was given the name of Mia. Local media and the BBC website report it. It is not known which metro station she was born in, but her mother, a 23-year-old Ukrainian, would have given birth in an underpass.

The police rushed to hear the screams and he discovered the woman in labor: both she and the baby are fine and are now in hospital. Through social media, users wished the little girl and her parents their best wishes. While the grenades resound in the sky – they wrote – little Ukrainians are being born.

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