War in Ukraine, Russian propaganda from the city of Stakanov: Soviet hero, but “fake”

Of Andrea Nicastro, our correspondent in Mariupol

In Donbass, 300 kilometers from Mariupol, a radio broadcasts falsehoods and attributes war crimes to Ukrainians. The seat is the hometown of a Putin myth, but the true story of him is not so illustrious

In a war made of cannon fire and misinformation, of missiles and electronic hackers, old FM radio waves cross the line of uncensored fighting. Here Radio Cossack, Russian troops are advancing to end the atrocities of the Ukrainian Nazis. Mariupol was blocked on all sides. Finally, the reunification of Donbass with mother Russia is coming. The port city on the Sea of ​​Azov actually surrounded, the artillery roars at every hour, the fighters make themselves heard in the sky, yesterday night begins in the cellar. The nerves begin to fail. Each thunder bomb is an extra pin in the brain. Mothers no longer hide their tears from babies.

The Russian tanks disembarked from Crimea and supported by landing troops have now arrived, and the roads out of the city are manned. In the broadcast of the Cossacks, the pro-Russian propaganda does not miss anything from the repertoire of atrocities to be attributed to the Ukrainians: children killed, women violated, houses burned. Nothing to be surprised or to believe. The most interesting part is that the transmission antenna about three hundred kilometers from Mariupol, in the territory controlled by the rebel Republic of Lugansk, in a town that on paper is called Kadiyevka, but which everyone calls Stakanov in honor of its most illustrious citizen.

President Vladimir Putin grew up with this name in mind. a fundamental part of his being Soviet, an embodied parable in which resourcefulness, effort and honesty of the system improved the world. Alexey Stakanov was a miner from Donbass, the very region that the head of the Kremlin claims as Russian from Ukraine. In the Stalinist Soviet Union, Stakanov was zabojshk (hammerist). After an hour of work with the jackhammer he would shore up the tunnel and start over. Daily Coal Production: 7 tons. Stakanov had the idea of ​​proceeding without pause and entrusting the support of the tunnel to two assistants. Record: 102 tons. And the month after 227.

The miner became department head, engineer, director, ministerial undersecretary, deputy to the Supreme Soviet. There were no limits to Soviet ingenuity. Stakanov died that Putin was 25 years old. How can the president allow the Donbass, the cradle of his youth myth, not to be Russian? In the greatest tragedy of the twentieth century, as Putin calls the Soviet collapse, Stakanov also fell. With the de-secretation of the Perestroika documents, it was discovered that the miner’s enterprises were inflated, that the model man ruined himself with vodka and fights, married a fourteen-year-old (aged two years for higher order) and the desk was not worth a stone.

His name was not even Alexey, but Andrei, but since Pravda is not wrong (Stalin sentences for the occasion) they changed his name. A giant fake. Perhaps Putin did not have time to understand this, as he did not understand that Ukraine is no longer Russia and that in Bernyansk, 80 kilometers from Mariupol, once conquered by the Russian marines, the city would take to the streets with raised arms singing Ukrainian Bernyansk, Ukrainian Bernyansk.

Day 5 of the war. The line of contact with the pro-Russian separatists of Donbass is a sieve. There are breakthroughs on Ukrainian territory everywhere. And they are measured in kilometers. Heavily mined terrain and bypassing enemy trenches can be tricky for the Russians. In the next few hours, however, the tanks landed from Crimea will be behind the Ukrainian lines. The decision must be made quickly. Abandon the front that has held for eight years and fall back on the city or continue to hold positions with the risk that each unit will find itself bottled up and without reinforcements?

The sources of the independence republics speak of a plan to divide Ukraine into four segments. Avoid reunions between Kiev forces and face them one at a time. With the time it takes and with the hope that some command decides to surrender. The mayor of Mariupol announces the shooting down of an enemy fighter and the introduction of the siege economy. Thousands of refugees inside the city are fleeing the hottest areas of the fighting. Centralized escorts, free buses, as well as social bread. Yesterday, the first batch for a city of 500,000 inhabitants (before the escape these days): ten tons. So it will be for potatoes and other necessities. At sunset with the anti-aircraft sirens the bells ring for the first time.

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