Why has Russia’s advance slowed down in Ukraine? The military update

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The Russians encounter unexpected resistance from the General Staff, and in the first two days of fighting they failed to achieve any of the objectives set. And according to British sources they may have encountered acute logistical problems

During the night they fought on the outskirts of Kiev, with theand Putin’s troops trying to take control of the capital but the Ukrainian army and volunteers resisting: 35 people were injured in the clashes, said Mayor Vitalij Klitchko, explaining that there is not yet a strong presence of Russian soldiers.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, the bulk of the Muscovite army in fact still about thirty kilometers from the center: the advance was slowed down by the Ukrainians, and the Russians would be reorganizing after having failed the first attempt to reach the government district of the capital. According to the Ukrainian government, the army also repulsed the assault on a military base in the suburbs of the city.

Having reached the third day of the war, Putin’s soldiers and tanks have not yet managed to take control of the main Ukrainian citieseven if the fighting continues incessantly a Kharkivin the northeast, the second largest city in the country, where the army is responding to the Russian offensive, ea Mariupolin Donbass, the main port overlooking the Azov Sea, where on Friday there was an amphibious attack.

Kiev instead hit mostly by missiles

even in residential neighborhoods, and Mayor Klitchko imposed a curfew from 17 to 8 in the morning: the main fighting would be on Prospekt Peremohy, the highway that crosses the capital from east to west and which is about 4 kilometers from the Ministry of Defense. They were clashes with groups of saboteurs who infiltrated behind the lines and identified by defense units were reported. A particular aspect of the conflict.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said there is also fighting in Odessa, the large port on the Black Sea in the southwest of the country, and that many cities in the west, such as Lviv, are targeted by missiles.

Precisely in the Lviv area, Mayor Andrey Sadovyi had claimed that 60 Russian soldiers had landed in three helicopters during the night, but the Ukrainian Security Service denied, claiming that a military helicopter carried out a reconnaissance and that the information was false. . Ukrainian troops also reportedly repelled the attack on Chernihivin the north, which Moscow claimed to have surrounded on Friday.

The Russians then claim to have taken control of Melitopol, in the south of the country, where Putin’s army would have destroyed dozens of Ukrainian vehicles, tanks and planes. British Armed Forces Minister James Heappey denies this, stating that in the first two days of fighting the Russians were unable to conquer any of the objectives set. Including Melitopol, Heappey told the Bbcwhich the Russians claim to have taken, but we see no confirmation: still in Ukrainian hands.

A Russian missile struck a military convoy north of Kiev, destroying a surface-to-air unit that was headed to the capital to join the city’s air defense. According to the Kiev Ministry of Health, the victims would so far be 198, including 3 childrenwhile the wounded would be over a thousand and among them there would be 33 minors.

At around 11.30 in the morning, President Zelensky released a new video shot in the deserted streets of the capital, denying that he had invited the army to lay down its arms.

According to the Ukrainian leader, the Russian invaders would be 100,000: in the afternoon, the Kremlin said, in the absence of negotiations, the Russian advance resumed.

Meanwhile, the Chechens also enter the arena, with one of their units mobilized by the dictator Kadyrov, a good friend of Putin. He had done the same thing in Syria. The fluid, evolving picture. Experts’ impression that Moscow’s initial thrust has encountered unexpected resistance from the General Staff. Numerous videos show the vehicles destroyed or abandoned. Merit of the defenders and confirmation of how the table plans are then challenged by the field.

According to the British Ministry of Defensein addition, the Russians would have met acute logistical problems, starting with the shortage of petrol but also food, and the use of inadequate troops. An analysis disputed by those who believe that the progression is respecting the roadmap and make comparisons with other invasions. Technical debates as the war continues.

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