Zakia Seddiki, Luca Attanasio’s wife: “She’s still with me”

A year after the deadly ambush of the Congo Ambassador Luca Attanasio, his wife Zakia Seddiki inaugurates the Mama Sofia Foundation in Italy to remember him

A year has passed since that bloody attack. Luca Attanasio left his life in Kibumba, near the city of Goma, Congo, where he had been appointed ambassador. He was 43 years old. And she, his wife Zakia Seddikihe wanted to remember just today with a football match with the National Singers, in the country where Luca Attanasio he was born, Limbiate, province of Monza and Brianza. And then with a fresh start of the foundation of him. «In memory of Luca, the Mama Sofia Foundation will now also operate in Italy. Here, too, he will carry on Luca’s values ​​».

What does Mama Sofia do?

«She was born to follow street children, in Congo, the last country where Luca worked. She was mainly concerned with giving them education and training ».


“We have expanded the projects, with a network in Congo of 14 organizations committed to children’s rights. It was Luca who created this network ».

Was Luca also involved in the Mama Sofia Foundation?

“He was following her very closely. He was a diplomatic ambassador, yes, but above all a human one ».

Do you already have Italian projects planned?

“Yup. And we will take care of the people who suffer, not just children. For example, we were contacted by Rita, a Sicilian disabled woman. We will work to ensure that all of your rights are respected. Studying, moving like the others, even psychological help “.

THEVery important commitments and projects, useful to support Luca’s absence, a year later?

“I don’t miss Luca.”

What do you mean?

“I don’t know how to explain it. Luca is still with me. He is not physically there but he is still here. He keeps doing things ».

“All. He supports me in everything I do. Continue to unite people ».

What do you mean?

«To unite people, as in the Congo network: it was Luca who created it. Now she has remained united ».

You have three little girls, how do they experience the absence of a father?

«They experience a physical lack. But the father is always there ».

What it means?

«In our house we talk about Luca every day. This will help the girls to overcome the physical lack of their father ».

Is it true that you should have been with your husband on the day of the attack?

“Yes, I often followed him on his missions.”

And instead?

“On the other hand, in the days of the WFP mission (World Food Program, ed) my mother had had to travel to Morocco. And I stayed home with them. I had never left the girls alone with the nannies. ‘

And he didn’t do it that time either?


A signal?

“Already. Now they have me. ‘

After the attack, she moved to Rome.
“Yes, it was what we wanted to do with Luca for the future of the girls.”

And now will you return to Congo to follow Mama Sofia’s projects?

“It’s too early”.

Does the foundation have a collaboration with the Community of Sant’Egidio in Rome?

“In reality, the collaboration with them began in Congo, with those projects that now have to go on. But here in Italy we will certainly do others together with the Community of Sant’Egidio ».

She is a Muslim born in Morocco, Luca was Italian and he was a Catholic. Have you ever had problems with the difference between your religions?

“No, it was never important. We had a relationship that went beyond religion. There is a being above us that everyone can call whatever he wants. Allah, God. What changes? ».

Now Luca is on top of her too …

“That helps and supports me every day.”

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