Zelensky’s last appeal to Russia before the attack: “I appeal to you not as president, but as a citizen of Ukraine”

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The speech of the President of Ukraine before the war broke out with the invasion of Russia, at 4 am Italian time

Yesterday evening, before the attack, the Ukrainian president revealed that he had proposed a telephone conversation to Putin – “but he did not answer me” – and had addressed the Russians in their languagein a dramatic message video broadcast on its Telegram channel:

Today I tried to call the president of Russia. The result was silence, although silence should descend on the Donbass. This is why I want to send a message to all Russian citizens. I appeal to you not as president, but as a citizen of Ukraine
. Today a border of more than two thousand kilometers divides us, along which nearly 200 thousand of your soldiers and thousands of military vehicles are deployed. Your authorities have decided to advance them by entering the territory of another country. It is a step that can be the beginning of a great war on the European continent

At any moment, the spark that burns everything to the ground could break out. They will tell you that it is the liberation of the Ukrainian people, but the Ukrainian people are free, remember their past and build their future. They tell you that we are Nazis, but how can a nation be that has given over 8 million human lives to defeat Nazism? How can I be a Nazi? Tell my grandfather who died for the independence of Ukraine.

You have been told that we hate Russian culture but how can a person hate a culture? Neighbors enrich each other, this does not make us one, we cannot dissolve in you.

We are different but this is no reason to be enemies. Listen to the voice of reason. The Ukrainian people want peace, the Ukrainian authorities want peace, they want it and they are doing everything possible to achieve it. We don’t need war.

You have been told that Ukraine can pose a threat to Russia. It hasn’t happened in the past, it doesn’t exist now, and it won’t happen in the future. Our goal is peace in Ukraine and the safety of our citizens. To reach them we are ready to talk about it with everyone, including you. In different formats and on any platform. From today our countries are on different sides in world history. Russia represents evil. Decide which side to take, listen to your conscience.

But if we are attacked, if someone tries to take away our land, our freedom, our lives and those of our children, we will defend ourselves. We will not attack but we will defend ourselves. By attacking us you will see our faces, not our backs but our faces ยป.

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